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Coronavirus deaths: See people killed by coronavirus below age 60

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Coronavirus deaths: Here is a list of Coronavirus deaths, names and pictures of people all over the world killed by coronavirus who were below the age of 50. They will never be forgotten. As you read this, please say a prayer for their grieving families. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Craig Ruston Coronavirus ….  Read More

Meet the daughters of 6 Nigerian billionaires – Their Achievements & Bios

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Children of billionaires have access to a world that many of us can only dream and fantasize about. Here is a list of daughters of Nigerian billionaires, pictures of their enviable lifestyles and what they do for a living. While some of these heirs have cashed in on their family names, many are striking out ….  Read More

Sola Sobowale’s 5 Children – See Their Achievements and Bios

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Sola Sobowale aka Toyin Tomato is a LEGEND!! If you are her fan, please can we all celebrate this gem of a woman, superstar actress by sharing this post so that more of her fans can see it and join us here. Mummy Sola is a genius in every movie she acts in. Her personal ….  Read More

27 Nigerian Celebrities Who Killed by Cancer and Kidney Failure

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Cancer is a disease that kills millions of people worldwide every year. Cancer doesn’t care how old you are, who you are. Cancer doesn’t care whether you are famous or not, it doesn’t care how rich or poor that you are. Cancer strikes indiscriminately, and below is a list of famous Nigerians who died of ….  Read More

14 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died in Ghastly Car Accidents

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The Christmas season is upon us. A lot of travelling happens during this period. Please always ensure your driver to anywhere you are going to drives safely. Remember, you are better late than never to any event. Never drink and drive. Ensure you obey every road safety rule. The beloved Nigerian celebrities listed below are ….  Read More

See Bishop Oyedepo’s 4 Beautiful Children & Grandchildren

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Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Ministries, and his lovely wife Faith Abiola Oyedepo, have been married for 37 years! I’ve got very beautiful pictures of their 4 children – 2 sons, 2 daughters and their grandchildren. Just continue reading to see them below. Bishop Oyedepo is one blessed man. Nigerian preacher, Christian author, ….  Read More

See Rita Edochie’s 4 Beautiful Children & Grandchildren

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If you love Nollywood actress Rita Edochie, please gather here. It’s time to let’s celebrate this gem of a woman, superstar actress. I have very beautiful photos of her children and grandchildren that I know you will love to see. Some people think mummy Rita Edochie is legendary actor Pete Edochie’s wife. However, truth is ….  Read More